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Yes it is if we end up doing moss removal.

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A good working gutter guard should keep debris out of the gutter and we would include cleaning the tops of the gutter guards off. A lot of times what we will do if you have guards is put as much time into the guards as we would have had we cleaned out the gutters. So we will take off a few of the guards, make sure the spouts are working and clean above the spouts. The gutter cleaning bid does not reflect cleaning and washing the outside of the gutters.

If you need this, we can do it, it just requires more labor, and time for us. Let us know if you need this.


We clean all hard surfaces, if you want you can leave your yard debris can out for piles of moss. However, we are not specialized in landscape and bid does not reflect landscape work. We will do landscape work, via rake the needles that came off of the roof and out of the gutters from the grass, dirt, shrubs, bushes etc.

Again, just to be clean, the bid reflects cleaning of hard surfaces, but we have your best interest in mind and want to keep you happy. We often can use your yard debris can and get most of the stuff out of the landscape if this is an issue. We guarantee our work, so if we say that we will apply 12 gallons of treatment, then we will apply 12 gallons of treatment. We are having the best result with 2 treatments per year. Some people only need 1 treatment every 3 years to keep the moss from growing.

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The key is to keep an eye on your roof and stay ahead of the problem. If you see green, let me know and I will treat it before it turns to moss. It is the customers responsibility to keep an eye on the roof, checking for any signs of green or moss returning.

A roof will turn green under the edges of the shingles before the moss starts to grow, which is an indication that it needs to be treated. Depending on the weather of course. There are products that can be harmful to your roof so please consult a professional and do some research. I have not seen grass or plant life be effected by our treatment, we have an organic option which states on the label that it can used around gardens and plants. We have had very good experience with it. We do have an non organic option called Wet and Forget which some people prefer as it is less expensive than the organic.

If you do have rain barrels or a edible garden you may want to go with the organic option. We keep the sprayer close to the roof, do it on non windy days and use the proper sprayers and conditions. I have never seen any of our treatment options kill any kind of plant life.

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People sometimes have an idea about certain things that they may use to prevent and kill moss that could cause damage to the petroleum based asphalt shingles. Things like bleach, or laundry detergent can hurt a composition roof. Yes, we can install them but do not like to. They install with nails, so now you have more nail holes in your roof which are leak hazards. Zinc strips are ugly, and they do not work. I can send you photos of how they look after being installed. They would look better if you have them installed while your roof is being installed or if you were to get new ridge caps, you could have the zinc strips laid down first before the ridge is put on.

If you really want us to install them, they are 5. We stay about a week to two weeks booked out usually but can sometimes work you in if you need to get something done in a hurry. It depends. If you have gutter guards that we have to take off, clean the gutters and re install, you should not have them and they are not working.

Safety 1st

A regular estimate does not include gutter guard removal and re installation. My employees and I are always properly tied off and fully safe. If we do multiple jobs on your roof on a regular basis it is a very good idea to have them. I do not recommend that anyone other then us use the tie offs. We are not responsible for the safety of others who use them as there are a lot more safety factors then just having a tie off. If you absolutely do not want them we can do temporary anchors. Yes Because it can root itself in to the structure and deteriorate your roof.

Remember the show, Life After People? Roofs are sloped for water, because you want water off of your roof as fast as possible which is why the steeper roofs last a little longer. Also, it can lift and separate shingles. Not working with a licensed roofer can leave you with few options if they perform faulty or damaging work. Experienced roofers like Northwest Roof Maintenance take every precaution to ensure our employees are safe, but anything can happen when you are on a roof.

All reputable roof cleaners will carry workers compensation and liability insurance to cover their employees on the job. If they do not have insurance, you could be held liable for any injuries incurred while work is done on your home.

8 Questions to Ask a Roof Cleaner

Good businesses tend to stick around. While there are plenty of good new businesses as well, if a roofer has been in operation for 10 or more years you know they are doing something right. Generally, these businesses are entrenched in the community and have built themselves a great reputation around hard work and friendly service.

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Knowing if a roofer will do a good job is a hard thing to figure out. That said, there are ways to figure out if a roofer does a good job.

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Different roofs require different approaches to cleaning. Using the right method to clean your specific roof is essential. Not only can power washing damage your asphalt roof, it can also void its warranty. Just because your roof may look good after a power wash, it is only a band aid fix. The only way to truly attack the root of a problem like moss is to fix it with a targeted solution. Make sure your roof cleaner is not using dangerous chemicals to clean your roof.

Many cleaners will not openly admit to doing it, for obvious reasons. Chemicals can damage and void the warranty on your roof. They will also wreak havoc on your yard and landscaping below and might be dangerous to use around children and pets. Why hire multiple companies to complete all the work on your roof? It makes a lot more sense to form a lasting relationship with a roofer who will know the history of your roof every time they are cleaning and maintaining it.

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Since a roof cleaner will be on your roof, you will want one who will notice, and then be able to fix larger issues. You should not pay for inspections. Reputable and trustworthy roof cleaners know they are offering a fair price, and do not mind quoting jobs for free. Look for a roof cleaner who will listen to your concerns and problems, and give you a free estimate. More than likely their estimate will be more reasonable than a roofer charging for a quote. Never work with a roof cleaner that does not guarantee their work. Roof maintenance and care take a lot of skill, and good roof cleaners are hard to come by.

All of the best roof cleaners out there guarantee their work and will come out to fix any work you believe is not up to par.