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Absolute People Search does not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy or availability of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. We have backed the right of workers to collective bargaining. Tuesday May 22, This summer we were Methodists. We worshipped at a small Methodist church in the little town near our cabin in northeastern Oregon. What did we find? Basically, we found the church being church - and it was a blessing to us.

Tuesday May 22, I still wish that today's Israel would back off on settlements on the West Bank. But maybe we should be a little less self-righteous, a little less sure that we would certainly never do anything like that. Because, well, we have. Tuesday May 22, Writing to his youthful successor, Timothy, Paul uses this particular grammatical construction -- 'but as for you' -- several times.

Tuesday May 22, May I bring up a difficult matter. Actually, this is not my idea. I blame it on today's Scripture, Psalm 50 -- and truth to tell, lots of other parts of the Bible as well. Tuesday May 22, Today's passage comes from the very last chapter of the very last book of the Bible.

Tuesday May 22, Despite what many assume, Christian faith is not mostly about imperatives. God is not like a hectoring parent exhorting us to eat our vegetables or to be nicer to our neighbors. Tuesday May 22, Psalm 27 is the prayer of a person with a few things awry in their life and world. Lift your eyes, lift your heart to the Lord.

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Tuesday May 22, Before the truth frees us, there's a good chance it will make us mad. Because the truth is, among other things, that we too have some issues to face, some stuff to deal with.

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Tuesday May 22, Many of us bear a name -- not literally -- that diminishes, distorts or disfigures us. These names may be secret ones, known only to us. But God has a new name for us. Today's scripture comes from one, the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, found in Acts 8: 26 - Tuesday May 22, We stand under a reality, a power and a presence that we do not fully grasp, completely know, or - well - understand. Tuesday May 22, Part of being a good leader is knowing it's not about you. You are a messenger, a herald, a witness to a higher power, to God's grace and power.

Tuesday May 22, Sometimes when none of our options appear great, when we don't see a clear way forward, and when tension mounts on all sides, the very best thing we can do is just to turn ourselves and our situation over to God and God's care. Tuesday May 22, 'I can't do this! Tears of frustration welling up at the corners of her eyes. Tuesday May 22, At least every now and then, the effective pastor, teacher, parent, principal, president does not tell people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

She had been talking in a vague and confusing way about 'death with dignity. Tuesday May 22, Lots of attention these days, rightly so, to things that pollute the air, the water, the soil.

Paul knew, and reminds us, that there is such a thing as verbal pollution. Moreover, its consequences are serious. Careless words, distortions and lies, fracture trust and destroy life. Tuesday May 22, Looking at a man who sat crippled by the roadside, we read that Paul saw his faith.

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I wonder what Paul saw? What does faith look like? Tuesday May 22, The 79th Psalm is pretty raw stuff.

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  6. There's this verse, telling God it's 'payback time. Tuesday May 22, As an Advent virtue, determination reminds us that what it means to be people of faith is that we aren't there yet, but to not give up. But so far as I can tell, that doesn't describe Advent alone. It describes life. Tuesday May 22, God you are odd. There is none like you. Thanks be to God. Tuesday May 22, Martin Luther described sin as life curved in upon itself.

    The theme of today's psalm, praise, is pretty much the opposite of that. But, really, why did Jesus say this? Tuesday May 22, Sometimes church seems to get awfully complex and terribly busy.


    So many different groups, organizations, activities, projects, and agendas. We end up going in a hundred different directions and a newcomer may feel as if she has wandered into Grand Central Station instead of a church. Tuesday May 22, Do you ever argue with God? Do you ever call on God to be God? Is that even okay? Can we do that? Well, lots of people in the Bible did, including whoever wrote the 44th Psalm.

    Tuesday May 22, Paul has a great 'word to the wise' for us here.

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    Go easy on others, but be tough on yourself. Often it seems that we do pretty much the opposite. At least if talk radio and similar forums are any indication, we can be pretty tough on others while not going in for much for self-examination.

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    Tuesday May 22, Though we've all heard the proverb, "Spare the rod, spoil the child," Paul seems to me wiser when he cautions fathers to take care not to provoke or exasperate their children by coming down hard on them. Tuesday May 22, While Moses was up on Mt. Sinai counseling with God, the people got a little anxious. They talked Aaron, who Moses left in charge, into letting them make a golden calf to worship and dance around before busting out in general debauchery. In today's reading, God, having seen all this, tells Moses that he is done with this stiff-necked people.

    Tuesday May 22, Following me, said Jesus, means self-renunciation.