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Family Photos. River de Chute - photos and info.

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School Pictures. Carleton County Ancestors that migrated to Aroostook County. Johnville Photos. Glassville Photos. Newburg Photos. Historic Homes of Woodstock. Benton Photos.

Historical Canadian Newspapers Online: New Brunswick

Newburg Baseball. Island Park Railroad.

Karnes Bakery. Beechwood Photos. Woodstock Golf Club. Carleton County Vocational School. Old Home Week. Sports 's. Adney Canoe photos. Grafton Photos.

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Carleton County Hospital Photos and Information. Anglican Church Records. Woodstock Farm Market 30 years of Serving the Community articles and photos courtesy of the Bugle. Mystery Photos - Rogers family? Florenceville -Buttermilk Creek , New Brunswick. Jacksonville Photos.

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Mystery Photos. Vintage Images of New Brunswick. Charleston Photos. Mystery Photos - If you can identify any of the pictures, please email the person who submitted the photos. New Brunswick Military Heritage Project. Canadian Soldiers of the First World War.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Canadians who served in the Maine Militias in the Civil War. Loyalist Muster Roll Index. Navy Memorial. Maple Leaf Legacy Project. Korean War Project. Woodstock War Memorial. Our Men 1st World War Civil War Veteran's. War Photo's. War Pictures. Tappan Adney. Cleadie Barnett's Carleton Co. Carleton Co. Historical Society. Covered Bridges of New Brunswick. History of Victoria Corner. History of Avondale.

Old Medical Terminology. Florenceville - Buttermilk Creek. Old Disease Names and their Modern Definitions. Map Sources. Death Register. In addition, it is expected that physicians will also advise the College of the location of the records after their practice closes. In any case, original records should be secured in a manner that is reasonably protected from any potential damage. It is also acceptable for physicians to retain copies of the records in an electronic format following appropriate destruction of the originals.

Physicians may also use the services of an acceptable document storage agency. If the physician relies on a third party for retention and storage of any records, such should be done on the basis of a clear obligation for patient access, as well as clear a clear process if the third party becomes unable to continue providing the service. It should be noted that, where records have been found abandoned, or are otherwise at risk of disclosure or destruction due to a lack of provisions for their storage, the College has authority to seize such records by a Court order.

Physicians should make special note of the difficulties which can arise for surviving family regarding the retention of records following the death of a physician, whether before or after they have retired from practice. Physicians are encouraged to make appropriate arrangements and provide appropriate instructions to minimize such difficulties. Search Search. Patient Medical Record. Content of records For records of physicians in private practice, College regulations require the following: 1. A record of the diagnosis or provisional diagnosis; g.

Retention of Records Physicians are expected to provide for retention of their own records, whether in hard copy or electronic format, for certain minimum periods of time. Theft, Loss, or Disclosure of Records Physicians are expected to maintain the strictest possible security for patient information and to take all reasonable efforts to protect such information from theft, loss, or other forms of disclosure.

Destruction of Records Following the above noted time periods, patient records may be destroyed in an appropriate manner, generally by supervised shredding or incineration. Correction of Records Correction of records after their production is generally considered improper.

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Medical Directory physicians with annual licences Locums physicians with temporary licences Postgraduate Trainees Medical Students Telemedicine providers Physician Assistants. Filing a complaint Disciplinary Actions Disciplinary Hearings. Council members Statistics Search. General Information.

New Brunswick - Deaths. New Brunswick - Marriage. Free articles and helpful research materials. Death Records for the Maritimes on Ancestors at Rest. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Canada cemetery records, coffin plates, death records, obituaries and vital statistics.

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  8. Index to selected New Brunswick births and baptisms. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. This collection contains 25, records.

    Carleton County GenWeb

    Due to privacy laws, recent records may not be displayed. The year range represents most of the records. A few records may be earlier or later.