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Certain professional occupations may be unattainable due to a DWI conviction, such as pursuing a career as a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant. The right to vote and own or possess a gun can also be denied.

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Expunction and the sealing of a record from public view are permitted by Texas law in DWI cases depending on the facts and final disposition of the case by the court. Every DWI case is different and the facts of the case will determine if an expunction is legally possible.

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Expunging or sealing a criminal DWI record can be difficult, but an experienced DWI attorney can determine if a particular case is eligible for expunction or sealing and if either is likely to be granted by the court. He will work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Austin attorney Kevin Bennett does not take every case that comes across his desk so he can be sure to provide exceptionally personal attention to the clients he represents. Texas law makes expunging any criminal records, including DWI records, difficult.

A person is not eligible for an expunction of a DWI record in Texas if he or she pleaded guilty to or was convicted of DWI unless acquitted on appeal. A person originally charged with DWI is eligible for an expunction only if the initial charge was dismissed or reduced to a lower charge and then the reduced charge was ultimately dismissed.

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After a criminal DWI record is expunged, a person may deny the arrest ever occurred, as well as the existence of any expunction order. Miriam A. Ferguson, et al. Gulf Oil Corporation , No. Theophilus Shickel Painter, et al.

William F. Kirby , No.

Fire Insurance Exchange , No. City of Austin, et al.


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