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There are two options when it comes to choosing which type of background to conduct.

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Employers can pay for self-service background checks that allow them to search sites online and retrieve information manually, but the results are fairly instant. Employers can also pay a third-party, or a full service background check company to do the entire service for them. They take on the responsibility of maintaining the professionalism and are able to conduct a wider search for potential applicant history.

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    Public Records

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    Criminal Records, Marriage/Divorce Records, Personal Records & Much More!

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    We can perform a search to retrieve:. Background checks and people searches use information from these sources, though you would have to search multiple databases to get the information provided in one people search report.

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    Depending on which state you live in, public records can extend even further. Some states make public record of unemployment claims, campaign contributions, licenses and certifications, tax information, real estate transactions and deeds, census records and more. This means that people can find out everything from your phone number to your bankruptcy records to what kind of boat you own.

    Many online companies use public records databases to run background check and people search services. It is a good idea to find out what kinds of public records are available where you live.