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Two days later, Taheb allegedly asked the undercover agent via text how "grocery shopping" was and offered to go with him to purchase the weapons and explosives, the complaint states. He also discussed the need for a "base" where they could regroup and "give a speech to motivate people" and show clips of "oppressed Muslims," the document states. The next day, he allegedly uploaded a page manifesto he authored to Google Docs, which stated the importance of "defensive jihad" and included justifications for "creating and leading his group to conduct violent attacks," according to the complaint.

D.C. firefighter may be fired for not coming to ailing man's aid

He also created a group chat with the informant and undercover agent, where he would allegedly discuss his plans to attack in the following weeks. Taheb allegedly met with the undercover agent on Jan.

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Taheb allegedly told the undercover agent that the explosives would be inside the backpacks and would be detonated with cell phones. On Saturday, Taheb allegedly met with the FBI informant, providing him with a camera, an American flag and an Israeli flag and stating that he wanted to conduct the attack on Thursday, according to the sworn affidavit. Taheb, the informant and the undercover agent met in the parking lot of a store in Buford, Georgia, on Wednesday for the "purpose of exchanging their vehicles for three semi-automatic assault rifles, three explosive devices with remote initiation and one AT-4," a single-shot smoothbore weapon," the document states.

After a second confidential informant explained how to use the weapons, Taheb allegedly gave his car keys to him in exchange for them, according to the complaint. Taheb was arrested after he allegedly took possession of the two backpacks containing the explosives and the AT-4 and placed them in a rental vehicle, the document states. All rights reserved.

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Two D.C. Firefighters Arrested in Three Days

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  • Fire officials last week confirmed that they are also investigating three cases in which female emergency medical technicians say Mr. Green offered them lucrative overtime assignments in exchange for sex.

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    • DC firefighter arrested at Md. pub?
    • Sources told The Washington Times that during the course of the investigation Mr. Green told officials about sexual misconduct within the department.

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      Fire officials said they are taking the charges seriously, and last week Mr. Lanier and Fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin held a press conference to discuss the investigation. The officials confirmed that they are looking into claims of sexual misconduct, which could result in criminal charges, but declined to discuss what the claims were. Sources say among the charges Mr.

      Green made, was that female emergency medical technicians performed sex acts for money on men, including male fire department employees, in the bunkhouses of fire stations since late last year.

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      The prostitution may have also occurred at other locations. Manage Newsletters.

      DC Firefighter Arrested on Weapons, Drug Charges - NBC4 Washington

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