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If you can't see the filter's sharing configuration, you'll need your Jira administrator to give you the Create Shared Object global permission. You can also share your filter by running it, then clicking Share. You can copy the URL of the filter or send it directly to another person or email address. You can add a defined column order to a saved filter, which displays the filter results according to the saved column order. Otherwise, the results are displayed according to your personal column order if you have set this or the system default.

  • 1. Use email lookup services.
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To display your configured column order in a filter subscription, select HTML for the Outgoing email format in your profile. If you receive text emails from Jira, you won't be able to see your configured column order. To add a column layout to a saved filter:.

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To remove a filter's saved column layout:. When the results of a saved filter are exported to Excel, the column order and choice of columns are those that were saved with the filter. Even if a user has configured a personal column order for the results on the screen, the saved configuration is used for the Excel export.

To export using your own configuration, save a copy of the filter along with your configuration, and then export the results to Excel. See Working with search results.

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LynQ never stores or transmits your data to any central server or cloud. Choose from the suggested people in the list below the Search box, or press Enter to see more results. When you select a contact in the search results, you'll see a list of email messages related to that contact. To send a message to your contact, select Send email below the contact's name.

To add the contact to Favorites , select next to the contact's name. If you often search for email from the same people, you can add those people to Favorites. To add the contact to Favorites , search for that contact, select their name in the search results, and then select next to the contact's name.

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To see all email messages from that person, select their name under Favorites in the left pane. When searching your inbox, Outlook. Use the filter to the right of the search box to search in specific folders such as Deleted Items or Sent Items. You can also use the Search contacts, directory, and groups box in People to find contacts. In the Search contacts, directory, and groups box, type the name of the person, group, or resource you want to search for.

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If the contact you want doesn't appear in the suggestions list, press Enter to see the full search results. Refine your search by selecting Filter at the top of the results list.

When you're done with the search, select the back arrow in the search box or select any folder in the navigation pane on the left to exit the search. In the search box, type an AQS keyword from the table below, followed by a colon and what you want to search for. From : JerriFrye. Bcc : JerriFrye. Searches the To , Cc , and Bcc fields.

Participants : JerriFrye. Subject : report.

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Searches the date sent. You can search for a specific date or a range of dates separated by two dots.. You can also search for relative dates: today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, next month, last week, past month. You can search for the day of the week or month of the year.

1. Do a People Search on LinkedIn