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Let us know! Email family cageclub. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Randomly stumbled across the podcast maybe 3 months ago.

I prefer the cheesy car one liners over the newer action focused movies. Anyways, love the banter and the rabbit holes you guys will go in over movie details.

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Anyways, keep it up and 5 stars! The guests keep the episodes fresh, and special mention to Wes who always comes in with the corrections I find myself shouting aloud in the car to no one in particular.

Super funny and never boring. Highly recommend!

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Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 10 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All. It's a perfect encapsulation of what makes this franchise so absurd and so enjoyable.

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Craig Lieberman, the technical advisor for the first two Fast and Furious movies, posted a video to his YouTube channel explaining how the S jump was executed. Even though it was only around 10 seconds of film—including actress Devon Aoki delivering the infamous line "Smack that ass!

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Four Ss were built for the scene, including one rigged up with an extremely complicated remote-control system. That allowed the Honda to be "driven" with a video-game-esque steering wheel from the passenger seat of a Dodge Durango, as long as the chase car was within feet. For the actual jump, the film crew set up a ramp on a bridge in Miami.

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The Durango was supposed to follow the S up the ramp and stop before the end. It didn't.

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Lieberman says the brakes simply weren't up to the task.