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What is the appraisal methodology according to Nevada Law? How can my property taxes go up if my property values go down?

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Why did my abatement go away? What if you disagree with the value the Assessor places on your property? Assessor Responsibilities. Exemption Programs. GIS Plat Maps. Property Search.

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For example, your property is located in the unincorporated area of the County of Sacramento. However, the post office assigned to process the mail for your property is located nearby but in the City of Elk Grove. I want to subdivide or split my property. What do I need to do? The "assessed acreage" may be different than "recorded acreage" or "fee title" acreage from a deed because we only assess useable acreage. For example: if you own "fee title" to the middle of a public road that crosses your parcel, we assess the parcel acreage minus the road right-of-way.

What is the zoning of my property? The Sacramento County Assessor does not maintain updated zoning information. I want to sell off a portion of my property, and the lender is requiring a new parcel number on the portion to be sold.

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Will the Assessor comply with this request? No, assessor's parcels maps are for assessment purposes only. The fact that an outside entity such as a lender or title company has its own requirements does not necessitate an action by the assessor.

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Upon recordation or close of escrow, the assessor will be required by law to assign new parcel number s to the newly created parcels caused by the selling of the portion of the property. I have two or more assessor parcel numbers that I want to combine into a single assessor parcel number so I will only receive one annual property tax bill.

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Is this possible? You may be eligible for an assessor parcel combination to combine your multiple parcels into a single parcel for assessment purposes. Please note that application for an Assessor Parcel Combination does not result in the immediate issuance of a new single assessor parcel number APN.

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Combining two or more properties together is possible if certain requirements are met. To combine assessor parcels, all of the following conditions must be met:. An Assessor's Parcel Combination Request form must be submitted. Send completed forms by email to ASR-Mapping saccounty. My assessor parcel number was changed.

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When does the parcel number change become effective? Parcel number changes become effective in the tax roll year following the tax roll year in which they are completed. For example, a parcel number change completed in July during the tax roll year will be effective for the tax roll year and the annual property tax bill that that will be mailed in October I did not request a new assessor parcel number.

Why was my assessor parcel number changed? The Sacramento County Assessor is constantly performing parcel map maintenance. Sometimes it is necessary to administratively change your assessor parcel number APN due to map page layout and computer system limitations. Other reasons for changes include land divisions, lot line adjustments, mergers, parcel combinations, and tax rate code changes. I checked my property in parcel viewer. Why are the boundaries displaced by 10 feet?

The County GIS map is the visual interactive tool used to display County map and parcel information, including parcel lines, on the Assessor Parcel Viewer.

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The assessor parcel maps are based on recorded documents and therefore may not match exactly what is seen or measured in person and overlays on aerial photographs used to create the County GIS map may not reflect actual parcel boundaries. Some differences can be attributed to the curvature of the land area.

Changes to assessor maps are not simultaneously displayed on County GIS map and there can be a delay of up to 4 weeks for assessor map changes to be visible on the County GIS map.

If you have Assessor Parcel Viewer application and data comments or questions, click on the blue Comments button at the bottom of the Help with the Sacramento County Assessor Parcel Viewer section. Connect with Sacramento County. Lake County. Lee County. Livingston County subscription based. Logan County. Macon County. Madison County. Marshall County. McDonough County. McHenry County. Monroe County. Montgomery County.

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