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Please note: Most of the Census was destroyed in a Department of Commerce fire in , though partial records are available for some states. Details can include:. Not all of this information is available in every census. Before the Census, few of these details were recorded. For specifics on what information was collected in each census year, see Availability of Census Records About Individuals.

Surviving records of these will normally be found in the country of origin, and not in The National Archives.

The only exceptions to this are:. Access census street indexes in our Web Archive. As with all content in the UK Government Web Archive , these are archived pages that are no longer edited or updated.

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Browse Vision of Britain for reports based on information from censuses up to , or search for census data relating to a town or district. Consult The Online Historical Population Reports for online access to the complete population reports for Britain and Ireland from to and extensive background information, including examples of documents.

Use our library catalogue to find a recommended book list. You may also be able to find them in a local library.

Search our blogs for posts relating to the census. Watch the video Census records: an introduction , by Audrey Collins. For quick pointers Tuesday to Saturday to Discovery is a catalogue of archival records across the UK and beyond, from which you can search 32 million records.

Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Skip to Main Content. Search our website Search our records. How to look for records of Census records How can I view the records covered in this guide? View online How many are online? None Some All. Order copies We do not provide copies of online records — please download to view. Visit us in Kew Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free.

Pay for research Consider paying for research. Contents 1. Why use this guide? What is the census and why was it compiled? How the census was taken and on what dates 4. Where to access and how to search the censuses 5. People in the census 6. Places in the census 7. Addresses, houses and other buildings in the census 8.

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Ships and institutions in the census 9. Common census terms and abbreviations Why can't I find my ancestor in the census? The National Archives references for censuses Censuses for Scotland and Ireland British colonies and protectorates Other useful online resources Further reading. People in the census The following information on individuals is included in each census year as follows: first name and surname age rounded down to the nearest five years for those aged 15 or over sex occupation whether they were born in the county where they were enumerated Y or N whether they were born in Scotland S , Ireland I or Foreign Parts P and first name, middle names often just initials and surname relationship to the head of the household marital status age at last birthday sex rank, profession or occupation where born — county and parish if born in England or Wales, country only if born outside England and Wales whether blind, or deaf and dumb and As and , except for the following difference: the last column now reads: 1.

Blind 2.

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Deaf and Dumb 3. Imbecile or Idiot 4. As well as their occupation, the industry in which the person was employed. If employed by a government, municipal or other public body, the name of that body. Parish and county of birth for anyone born in the UK which included all of Ireland. If born elsewhere in the British Empire, the colony or dependency, and the state or province.


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For anyone born outside England and Wales, whether they were resident or visitor in the country. Nationality of anyone born overseas whether British by parentage, British by naturalisation including year of naturalisation or, if a foreign national, of which country. In the Infirmity column, the age at which the person had become afflicted. Places in the census The first page of each enumeration book contains a description of the area covered.

Census returns from to The extra refererence is a folio number and optionally a page number. Names, relationships, occupations, military service information and more are just waiting to be discovered. This remaining section of the census is even more valuable because it is so vast. The US government had several reasons for conducting this special enumeration of Union veterans and their widows and, luckily, much of it has survived.

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The Pension Office requested the special enumeration to help Union veterans locate comrades to testify in pension claims and to determine the number of survivors and widows for pension legislation. The superintendent of the census planned to print in volumes the veterans information name, rank, length of service, and post office address compiled from the enumeration and place copies with libraries and veterans organizations so individuals could more easily locate their fellow veterans.

Although the goal was to record Union veterans and widows, some Confederate soldiers were also included so check this database even if your ancestor fought on the side of the south.

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Unfortunately, the records for the states of Alabama through Kansas alphabetically are now mostly lost, but records remain from all states from Kentucky through Wyoming. Because this record set contains a vast number of individuals there is a good chance that you may locate an ancestor.

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Stay up-to-date with Family History Daily's newest genealogy articles by subscribing to our free weekly newsletter. Thank you. To begin receiving the free weekly newsletter please take a moment to check your email and confirm your subscription. There were 17 records. How disappointing. In any case, I hope my comment will save someone else from getting their hopes up as I did. Beal of Lisbon, Maine! And Benjamin H. Beal of Bowdoin, Maine, is probably mine, too.

No luck so far in Vermont. Found my great-great grandfather served for the union ! One more link found, thank you. One day he and his wife did their civic duty and registered. His Civil War service info was written down, but it was discovered that he had been a Confederate and a line was drawn through his name. This was a huge find for me! From where did the enlistment and discharge dates come? Had they been checked against military records or were they supplied by the soldier from memory?

It says he enlisted in Nov and was discharged in Aug.