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Okerlund said in this case, where judges would be prohibited from changing the sex listed on a birth certificate, individuals would still be able to change their name if they wanted to.

But Williams with Equality Utah challenged the measure as step backward that limits identity and alienates the community. He pointed, too, to a nondiscrimination agreement where leaders of the LDS Church supported a measure to protect LGBT rights with housing and jobs.

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This, he said, flies in the face of that. One of the plaintiffs, Sean Childers-Gray , a transgender man, was denied when he requested to update his identification and has fought the decision.

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Currently, at least 10 states explicitly allow individuals to change the sex assignment on their birth certificate with a medical note from a doctor. More than 30 states, according to The National Center for Transgender Equality , require a person to undergo sex reassignment surgery — which not all transgender people choose to do — before requesting an update.

Not being able to change legal documents, she said, can make it hard to get a bank account or a job. Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs. Friday, November 8, Sign In.

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Sign Out. Merrill Nelson, R-Grantsville, is proposing a bill that would require Utahns to keep the sex assigned to them at birth on their state-issued birth certificates. By Courtney Tanner. Erin Mendenhall announces plans for taking over as Salt Lake City mayor. Two dead, 14 injured during traditional ceremony in New Mexico. Utah settles lawsuit against financially troubled charter AISU.

Timothy Egan: How the insufferably woke help Trump. Police believe Utah man shot and killed a Halloween party-goer before he was stabbed to death. You should enjoy comfort when looking upon this historical opportunity.

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You may discover that another family member is excited about this assignment, also. Proceeding with your research can now happen. The next step is as follows: recollect the names of your immediate family members. If this is unachievable, then you have to be ashamed of yourself. The names and dates of birth of these people need to be included for your ancestral archive.

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Inquire of them their names. Getting to know what these people in your house are called will make you feel good. Also, fewer awkward situations will arise when you can call your spouse by his first name. A continuation of your communication skills will be required as you go on. Asking another relative about ancestors you may not know about will behoove you on your mission. Please investigate the Utah vital records, as well. Revelatory is the material found in the Utah vital records.

The birth and death data found in the Utah vital records complements the work that you have already done on your family tree. A unique way to further your journey is to study websites and forums that may specialize in genealogy, ancestry, or family history. You might be surprised to see how many people have fallen in love with this hobby. Do not be afraid of what you can find in the Utah vital records.

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This critical evidence is actually available to the public, for anyone to get a hold of. Whether you are a beginning genealogist or a veteran historian, you can find reason to explore this incredible resource. After you conduct your research here, you may want to check out other genealogical and historical sources. The memorialization of your people could change your family for the better.

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Death Records. Marriage licenses. Related Links. Guidelines Please send web site additions and corrections to the webmaster. Click here to search the Social Security Death Index. Order Online. Mail Order. Only short form certified copies are available from the Bureau of Vital Records.