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We want to get married in Hoston. What documents should we prepare? Do we need certification from china-consulate before marriage? Hi Litong. Your visas alone will serve as sufficient ID to get married in Houston or anywhere else in Texas.

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The county clerk simply needs to verify your name and age, which your visas will supply. I'm living in Spain, have a German passport and my fiance lives in the US, we are planning to get married in around a year in the US, Texas, would my passport and visa be enough as documents or is there anything else I should take with me? Thanks a lot! Hi hopeful.

Foreign passports are clearly accepted in Texas marriage statutes.

The visa provision is a documented request by some county clerks, but not explicitly spelled out in Texas law. An expired visa with foreign passport is enough for TxDPS, but that may not necessarily be the case for the county clerk you visit. Bottom line, contact the county clerk's office to determine if their specific office requires an unexpired visa. If they do, ask if they're willing to waive it or accept a supplemental identity document. So a foreign passport can be used as a form of Acceptable id to obtain a marriage license in Texas? The Brazoria county clerk's website doesn't list a visa requirement.

You'll have to phone them to find out for sure. It depends on what form of Mexican ID it is. If it's a passport, that would work great. Foreign passports are on the officially approved list of IDs. Anything beyond that and you'll have to contact the county clerk ahead of time to determine if they'll accept an alternate identity document.

Clerks have the authority to unilaterally accept or reject alternative forms of ID. Once we obtain a marriage license and wait the 72 hours, can we go anywhere in Texas and get married?

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For instance, can we drive to a small town and find a little chapel and get married on a whim? Can I get a license if i want to marry my spouse again for the ceremony if we are already married through an informal marriage? Hi Merchi. Yes, you may apply for a second marriage license to remarry your current spouse.

The steps are the same. The fee is the same. What documents would we need to get married in Texas? She has her Serbian passport but want to make sure before to fly together to Texas. Lastly, would our marriage certificate be recognized in Germany? She would need to bring her passport and visa. You would need your own photo ID, such as your military ID card. I am engaged to a man from Canada and want to get married. I want to stay in Texas and he drives a 18 wheeler and comes thru town couple times a week and he wants to stay a Canadian resident and I want to stay a Texas resident.

What is extra needs to be done in order for us to be married and would it be seen as a legal marriage for Canada?

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Nothing extra needs to be done. Just make sure your fiance brings his Canadian driver's license or passport. Bring your ID as well. Hi Benny.

What requirements do we need to satisfy to receive a marriage license in Midland, Texas?

You may have to bring a passport and visa instead. You may want to contact the county clerk's office you plan to apply in to confirm if they'll accommodate alternative forms of ID. If either divorce was within the past 30 days, you'll have to wait to apply. Other than that, bring ID. Hi TJ. Your county clerk's office should be able to provide you with a referral to a justice of the peace.

You'll have to book an appointment for your civil ceremony, which can either take place at the courthouse or at another agreed upon location. If a UK citizen and an American citizen were to be married in Texas but moving overseas. Would the UK citizen only need a passport as identification?

Or are there other documents required? If the UK citizen did not want to pursue a green card would they still have to apply for the K-1 Visa? Also, would a visa still be required if the couple planned to move to Europe after marriage and not pursue a green card? Thank you! Texas statutes says a foreign passport alone is sufficient, but it also provides county clerks the authority to ask for more.

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Many require a visa on top of a foreign passport. Foreign passport and visa is the safest combination, which is why it's mentioned in this write-up. However, clerks have the authority to dismiss the requirement upon request. You can get in touch with the county clerk's office you plan to apply in to determine if they mandate the visa requirement and are willing to waive it. Are we able to apply for a marriage license online in readiness for our vacation.

If not, what is the best way to obtain a license as we are doing a fly drive from Houston around the south for two weeks. Many thanks. At a minimum, apply for your marriage license 72 hours before your marriage ceremony. That's the waiting period. Also take into account that county clerk offices are closed on weekends. Planning on getting married in Texas this month. I am a UK resident, on a visa waiver, and my fiancee is a Texas resident. I have no intention of staying afterwards, and we're applying for a UK Visa for her. It's up to the county clerk.

They have the authority to accept alternate forms of ID. You'll have to get in contact with them ahead of time to get it cleared.

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Hi there. I have a weird issue.

I married in California nearly 40 years ago and lied about my age on the marriage license! I was 17 and I claimed that I was It hasn't been an issue for our marriage at all.

So far. But, now I'm beginning to worry that when the time comes that my husband passes away if he dies first and I need to apply for spousal Social Security benefits it might be a prblem that my Birth Certificate and Marriage License don't match! You could contact the Social Security Administration by phone and pose this question to them, anonymously if you'd prefer. Hi I got my marriage license in June and it is about to expire. We decided to wait until December to get married.

What is the waiting period te reapply for a marriage license Bexar County Texas. Hi there, one of the required documents listed is social security number. If one of the spouses is a foreign citizen and does not have a social security number, would that be a problem? Common-law marriage has diverse names, from "marriage in fact", "marriage by repute and habit", "informal…. Apart from imposing penalties and fines on offenders across the divide, states around the country have enacted laws imposing non-offender….

One of the truths from research is that through premarital preparation courses and programs divorces are reduced and healthy marriages…. Where to Apply Where do I get a marriage license in Texas? To get married in Texas, apply for a marriage license at any Texas county clerk's office. Where can I find a nearby county clerk's office? A list of Texas county clerk offices are at the bottom of the page. Informal Marriage What is an informal marriage? In Texas, informal marriage for legal adults has three rules: Agree to be married Live together in Texas as married Present yourselves to others as married How does informal and common-law marriage differ?

In Texas, an informal marriage is the same as common-law marriage. What's a declaration and registration of informal marriage? You may register your informal marriage at a county clerk's office to record its existence.

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Residency Must I live in Texas to apply? You need not be a Texas resident to marry in the state. Must I at lease be a U. Costs Note: Each county sets their own marriage-related fees… How much is a marriage license?