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With each checkpoint collected, you will receive additional time on the meter.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Start out by grabbing the closest ones to build your timer up from the start. Hit the pool to grab all of the checkpoints inside, and bunny hop out to the half-pipe. Use the handbrake and gain speed to collect the checkpoints floating above the half-pipes. Once you complete Ryder's "Home Invasion" mission, you will be able to burglarize several houses scattered around the map. You must be driving a black Boxville like the one used in this particular mission , but the burglaries will work roughly the same. There is a Boxville of this kind parked near the gym in Los Santos. When you get in one of these vehicles at night between and , press the R3 button and a clock will begin ticking down to daylight.

Look for places that are lit up at night. If a yellow marker appears near the door, sneak inside, remain steathly using crouch is the best for this , and watch the noise meter. Take goods out to the truck until the house is cleaned out, and put them inside. When the truck is full, drive it to the lockup indicated by the familiar yellow marker. You will need to upgrade your cycling skill before attempting this one. We suggest grabbing a bicycle and going across the entire state a few times. After collecting the first checkpoint, you can hop across the hill to the right for a fast shortcut.

Keep following the checkpoints until you reach a sharp turn. Hit the handbrake, which is very important in these races , and remember that you can cut a corner and still collect a checkpoint just by getting near it. Further down the stretch is a hill with no side rail. Get close enough to the checkpoint and take the shortcut. Remember to tap the sprint button as you grow closer towards the end of the race, and cut the corners downhill, to boot. This race will take you to the path along the other side. As per usual, the handbrake comes in handy during the first part of the tedious race due to the ultra sharp turns that you'll encounter.

Keep hitting the checkpoints and you will soon find that the path is straightened out with little to no guard rails. Use this spot to get ahead of the competition by sprinting to your heart's desire. Watch out for the very sharp left turn with no guard rail up ahead.

Tornado - Grand Theft Wiki, the GTA wiki

Get around this by handbraking down the hill to the left before you even reach the path. Soon after this, hit the hill and take the grassy shortcut. You'll likely fall off of your bike, but it shouldn't be a harsh tumble. After the upcoming bumps, the land will be a straight-away with a few turns.

It stays like this until the bottom. This is a fairly straight-forward race with only a few big turns, although the path itself makes this race the most fun of the three. You will take paths through the wooded areas, and you can even hit a Unique Jump along the way in the center ramp. As stated previously, the path is nearly a dead straight-away, although there are obvious obtacles that will get in your way, such as trees and rocks. Use your handbrake only on the rough turns, as speed is the key to winning this race.

Ever wanted to play the classic Paperboy in a Grand Theft Auto game? Well, now's your chance! There are several vehicles scattered around the state that will activate a Courier Challenge. Once you've boarded the vehicle, you must make deliveries to certain destinations in certain amounts of time, and to do so, you must throw the item through a checkpoint ring. If you can't find a firetruck in town, you can summon one by setting something on fire.

Bang up a car until it is toasty, and run it into another car for best effect.

GTA SA IOS - 3 Rarest Cars and How to Get Them (No Cheats used)

When the firetruck comes to put out the blaze, jack it and get inside. Activate the mission and you will be alerted to a fire nearby. Follow the mini-map to the indicated spot and hose down the fire. Simple as that.

When one blaze is put out, go to the next. String as many together as possible. Finish all 12 missions to become fireproof.

You can board a train at any of the train stations in the big cities. Once you've jacked the train, hit the R3 button to start the side mission of loading and unloading things at drop points. This is fairly easy once you get the hang of it, as it merely consists of hauling items without going too fast, and reaching your destination within the time limit.

A safe speed to travel at is on the meter.

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Having only two doors, the Tornado in GTA San Andreas is only designed to carry two occupants, and as a result, is not a good choice for drive-bys because it lacks the four-seats that many other gang cars have. The car does make up for this deficiency with its above average top speed and acceleration faster than most four-door lowriders , as well as its generally stable cornering even with its long wheelbase that is supposed to hamper the car's maneuverability.

Its low ground clearance, however, clearly makes the car unsuitable for rugged off-roading. The Tornado is also durable and can take a good bit of gunfire and collisions before exploding.

GTA FIVE(V) secret car locations

Although it does not appear to have a visible fuel cap, it will explode if the back license plate is shot. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. More information.