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How Do People Live On Less Than Six Figures In An Expensive City Like New York?

Send feedback on Help Center Community. Google Earth. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Adrian Porter. Hi, I would like two panorama of both sides of a particular street, for a street scape presentation. Who sent me here. As i understand it i cannot use the free user experience to photo-stitch photos together, so i was asking how much for a 1. I need them for background to a presentation on prospective street beautification works in the area.

Any help would be greatly received, as i have already lost a week asking the "Associate". Ask a how to question. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 1. Platinum Product Expert Alchemist Recommended Answer. Google doesn't want people using screenshots of Street View.

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Google provides the geoguidelines to try to answer questions like yours. If you dig down in there, you'll find what I'm talking about.

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All Replies 6. Platinum Product Expert barryhunter. I've never heard of Google offering a service like this. To be honest expect capurating the images yourself would be quickest and easiest.

One possibility is that these patients' lungs could not take up oxygen properly, he said. If that was the case, the lungs might have resorted to taking up more oxygen from the blood. This phenomenon would also explain why Wehrli and colleagues saw a reduction of oxygen flowing through blood vessels after vaping in their study, he said. In part because e-cigarettes are often thought of as being safer than regular cigarettes, since they don't contain tobacco, there has been a surge in e-cigarette use in recent years, especially among teens. Most e-cigarette liquids contain three major components: propylene glycol, glycerol and nicotine, Alexander said.

But when you heat these components into a vapor, you create completely different chemicals, some of which are toxic, such as formaldehyde and acrolein. What's more, the Food and Drug Administration isn't actively regulating these devices, she said.

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The administration doesn't require companies to label products with all the ingredients, and the ones that are labeled are often wrong, she said. As for the e-cigarettes sold on the street, what's in them is even more unclear, she said. So her advice to teenagers is "if somebody hands you one of these devices at a party, do not use it," she said.

In any case, according to the CDC statement, there isn't conclusive evidence that an infectious disease is causing the illnesses. The investigation is ongoing, and the agency said it will share more information as it becomes available. Just be willing to commute a little bit longer and you can save so much money. My wife has a govt pension which she is fully vested into though I am not sure how much it will pay at retirement.

Unfortunately however outside of these pensions, we both started late but am back on track. Sounds good right? Student loans, credit cards, car loans, etc, all paid off. Are we OK? Should we be putting more away for retirement due to starting late or will the pensions support that?

This is coming from someone a few years younger than you, so take it a you wish. You seriously should and could be saving much more. Well that was an interesting read.

Certainly eye-opening. I make 70K 4K monthly take-home. I have a 2 story 1, sq. I know I could probably cut some corners here and there to save a few bucks. Very cool. Where do you live? As this article is talking about folks living in expensive cities. Thank you for this great post, it is a bit depressing and some of the suggestions to be able to live in expensive cities are also highly unrealistic.

I am over 40, female, educated with a Masters degree but have no K or any savings whatsoever.

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I dont know what you have a masters in but whatever it is its marketable in NYC. You could easly get a managers position. Starting a business might be an option as well.


Personally i didnt graduate from High Shcool but im making a hair under 75k. I worked my way up from the bottom in a warehouse to manager. A Masters to me is a shortcut. See my blog where I list my networth, budget and ways I save money. I live in Seattle, the fastest growing city in the US right now. Rents are skyrocketing. It is a concern to me how I am going to stay in this city which is my home.

All my family and friends and kid live here. I am an avid international traveler, but Seattle is my home base. I am an artist and performer. Here are my solutions to living here in this beautiful city:.