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Though my PTSD was the consequence of a year-long tour of duty in Iraq with the Army, she suggested that I look into it further as it had profoundly affected her quality of life and, consequently, that of those she was close to. This was because, to me, it was my normal. My anxiety, depressed moods, anger, irritability, contempt, and resentment towards others had been the whole of who I was for 12 years.

Her compassion and genuinely empathetic approach was absolutely paramount to reaching the effects of the therapy. While the focus of my EMDR therapy directly targeted the specific events that were causing my PTSD, the benefits of its results were not independently mine. My relationships with my children and wife have improved exponentially. EMDR Experience. Thank you Sue for helping me recreate the woman that I am today. After so many long turbulent years, I had lost me. Very quickly after I had met Sue it was evident to me that her years in practice had given her much wisdom and compassion.

Because I diligently sought her guidance I am again a strong, confident woman! My heart is full, my joy unstoppable, and my gratitude for Sue goes way beyond words. The best phone call I ever made Thank you Sue! Sue Watkins Ready to get started? Call me today at for your free 15 minute phone consultation. Individual Counseling Depressed? Feeling stuck in pain? My passion is to connect with others and genuinely "see" them for who they are and meet them where they are in life. If you are struggling with the relationships in your life, such as your spouse, parents, children, in-laws, siblings, or friendships, we can work together toward more safety, boundaries, reconnection or better communication in these relationships.

My style is compassionate and solution-focused.

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I am extensively trained in in Gottman Method Couple Therapy and many other research-based strategies that are beneficial for building healthy relationships and families. My clients and I work together to utilize effective tools for healing hurts, processing conflict,and building intimacy in relationships.

I believe my combination of skills and experience help me meet the emotional and intellectual needs of my clients in a thoughtful and comfortable environment. My approach is strengths-based, collaborative, and outcome-informed. You are the expert on your own life. Whether your goal is to resolve relationship conflict, recover from trauma or loss, receive parenting support, explore issues of identity and spirituality, optimize your career, or learn how to decrease anxiety or depression, my goal is to walk with you and provide a place where you can express yourself freely without being judged.

I believe that just as relationships can be the source of hurt, we also heal through community in safe relationships. I offer help for when life hurts. There are times when you may feel lost, lonely, and need someone to talk to. My goal is to assist by empowering you with essential tools for navigating through life.

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Whether you are struggling emotionally or are unsure of the direction for your life, I am here to help uncomplicate things. My passion is to meet you right where you are and to establish trust and respect as we walk forward together on a path of discovery and healing. The journey is worth it to live in freedom and wholeness. I am here to help. We all have the capacity to gain power over our thoughts and feelings, and in turn, our behaviors. Yet, exploring thoughts and emotions can be both powerful and painful.

I am honored to have an opportunity to help individuals identify and discover what brings fulfillment, meaning, and connection. My goal is to provide a safe space to attain goals. My approach is warm, affirming, and collaborative.

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Utilizing a variety of approaches, my goal is to meet clients where they are. We have counselors who specialize in various modalities and many different areas of growth, and we hope you will allow us to be part of your journey. I believe that we all have tools to make positive change. I assist others in identifying tools to overcome obstacles that are presented in life that may inhibit positive change.

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People often find their best version of themselves when they feel truly heard and seen. We can start where you are now and change to find freedom and joy. You want to live a life of peace, fulfillment, and joy, but something is getting in the way. When psychological health is compromised, everything else can be thrown off balance. Perhaps you find yourself lacking effective coping strategies to overcome your problems. If you are experiencing grief, constant worry and anxiety, a loss of hope, harmful behavior or thoughts, conflict in your relationships, work or school stress, or struggling to find meaning or purpose in your life, it may be time for you to seek help.

Relationships aren't perfect, jobs can be stressful, and problems come along that can be tough to handle. Having someone to listen to you is crucial. Understand that there is help and you can work to solve those problems with a therapist who respects you and wants to help you empower your self-esteem, image, and interactions.

That's where we start! Full view of the goal. Then we create the journey to your future. You'll find the foundation within you that turns struggles into strengths. Develop new and fun ways to shift self-doubt and limiting patterns to activating tangible changes and achieving your goals. Construct workable solutions to what you want. You'll be empowered with effective skills to restore respect and belief in yourself and your ability to handle challenging situations. It's a journey to a more fulfilling, enriching life.

Come sit with me and see how quickly and easily it can happen. I specialize in working with people struggling with perfectionism, self-esteem, body image, and disordered eating issues.

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Pressures in our culture contribute to high anxiety and depression, making daily routines feel unmanageable. I meet with clients who desire to develop a balance in their lives. I also have a heart for encouraging healthy relationships.

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  • I offer faith-based counseling to my clients as well. Do you feel stuck or even hopeless? You are not alone! Let us, your community and first responder counselors, help you as you begin your journey towards self-improvement. We want you to know that change is possible and you CAN reach your full potential. Come obtain new skills to help manage your current stress related symptoms corresponding to; anxiety, depression, grief, or unresolved trauma.

    Our counselors specialize in children and adolescents, families, first responders, veterans, attorneys, and more.