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Records that are not included , or are exempt, include:.

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Background checks in Virginia are administered by the Virginia State Police. A Criminal History Records Check is a name-based search that can be ordered by individuals, employers, and licensing agencies. Depending on the situation, as governed by statute, a signed and notarized authorization form may be required before running the background check. These reports return criminal histories for the state of Virginia only.

Procedure for Obtaining Criminal History Records from CCRE

The Virginia Department of Corrections website has information on offenders, the correctional facilities in the state, and services for victims. If you wish to locate an offender in the system, you can search on the Offender Locator page that will ask you for either an Offender ID or a First and Last Name.

Information on the court system in Virginia and court records can be found on the administrator of the courts website. Disclosure of court records is governed by both separate statutes and common law.

Criminal History Record Check - Commonwealth of Virginia

The court website has pages that can be searched for case status and information on cases in the supreme court, the court of appeals, the circuit court, and the general district court. There is no online access for the juvenile or domestic relations court.

Regardless of the online information obtained, copies of actual case files will still need to be requested from the clerk of the court at the courthouse where the case was heard. Vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, in the state of Virginia are administered by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Vital Records.

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Birth records and death records are available from to present. Marriage records are available from to present and divorce records from to present. Apply For.

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Federal and Virginia law place some limits on employer use of criminal records.

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Virginia Background Check & Free Public / Arrest Records Guide

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