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The bottle contained a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. The property was seized and Campbell was also charged with possession of controlled substance. A special meeting of the Ozark City Council was held at the request of three council members on Thursday night with two items on the agenda for discussion — spending procedures and special audit. The meeting was prompted by a video put out on You Tube by Steve Whitaker of Ozark in regards to questionable expenditures, mainly by the Fire Department.

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A hand out was made available at the beginning of the meeting providing explanation of the expenditures that Mr. Whitaker had questioned in the video he posted. The handout provided by the city was outlined and explained during the meeting for each of the points made in the video. After the explanation of the expenditures, the council voted unanimously to have a special audit conducted of the Ozark Fire Department for the last three years.

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It was pointed out that this was done to clear the black cloud that has been placed over the city as a result the accusations. Chief Eveld pointed out that he thought the audit would be a good idea him retiring at the end of the month. Eveld announced his retirement in the April Council meeting due to health reasons. No public input was allowed in the special meeting that dealt only with the two items. The meeting lasted about an hour in front of a standing room only crowd.

After the meeting we talked with Mr.

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Whitaker who said he felt the meeting was a disgrace because there was no opportunity for public input. He pointed out that his concern is with the excessive expenditures by the fire department and sloppy accounting procedures on the part of the city, not that anything illegal had taken place. Clarksville Police were dispatched to Walmart on June 10th to take a report of a banned subject being inside the store.

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Kenneth Kennedy arrived and was directed to Duane Ewasiuk who was in the customer service area. Ewasiuk was questioned about being banned from the store and he acknowledged knowing that he was banned but said he had to put money on a card. He was transported to the JCDC for criminal trespassing.

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Ramsey made contact with two male subjects sitting next to the building and asked what they were doing. The two claimed they were waiting on their phones to charge to call for a ride. While on the scene, a Johnson County Deputy arrived and questioned the two about a call of a vehicle matching the description of their vehicle and two males acting suspicious on a county road. Both subjects were arrested for criminal trespassing. Following the arrest, a hard zip case with two used needles was found inside the bag belonging to Cale Kuykendall, he was also cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

The other subject was identified as Stephen Waigand. When Deputy Christopher Brownlow arrived he found the male victim inside a truck, the victim exited the truck and talked with Deputy Brownlow advising that his wife was armed with a knife and was inside the house. He said that she had threatened to kill him or herself when the two got into an argument. The wife, 37 year old Amanda Ladeean Stone of Lamar was heard inside the house yelling she was not going to jail. Deputies could see Stone sitting on the bed inside holding a knife to her own throat threatening to harm herself. Deputies ordered her to drop the knife which she did, but as a deputy approached she lunged towards the other side of the room.

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  • Deputy Seth Pruitt attempted to take the female into custody but she resisted and had to be tased to be taken into custody. Amanda Stone was arrested for 3rd degree battery and resisting arrest. No one was injured to the point of needing medical treatment. Johnson County Deputy Seth Pruitt was dispatched to the block of Highway 64 in Hartman on June 9th about 11pm in reference to a vehicle abandoned on the side of the road. The vehicle was a Plymouth Voyager van that returned to a subject out of Oklahoma.

    The vehicle was 2 feet off the white line in a dangerous location. The vehicle was towed from the scene. A Paris PD officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop Tuesday night. The vehicle failed to yield and drove approximately 3 blocks before turning into a business parking lot. The subject was detained and a search was conducted given the driver was on active probation with a search waiver on file.

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    Officers located approximately 6 grams of suspected methamphetamine, digital scales, and felony paraphernalia. The driver was arrested on several felony charges. Clarksville Police were contacted by Clarksville Light and Water on June 11th after a bicycle was found in the tree line next to a power station off of Cline Road. The bicycle did not show to be stolen and was taken by police until an owner can be located.

    On the 8th, police received an iPhone that a resident had found. No owner for the iPhone was located either. On June 10th, Clarksville Police were called to Johnson Regional Medical Center to report of a male subject that had been admitted to the hospital making suicidal and homicidal statements.

    When police arrived they made contact with the subject who was ultimately released as the person he made the threats do did not want to press charges. Deputy Levi White initiated a traffic stop on Sunday June 17th at pm on a passenger car for a traffic violation. When Deputy White arrived at the vehicle he could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle.

    The two were removed from the vehicle after saying they had smoked marijuana but did not have any in the vehicle. After being removed from the vehicle, the driver Matthew Cross, was questioned again and this time admitted to having a small amount of marijuana in the console of the vehicle. He advised they were on their way to Fort Smith to purchase more when the traffic stop occurred. A grinder with residue and a bag of cigars loaded with marijuana were seized. Cross was cited at the scene for possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and released to his mother, the vehicle was impounded.

    http://tax-marusa.com/order/ryjogacip/micro-espion-iphone-7-plus.php The vehicle left traveling east on Poplar Street, Deputy Pruitt initiated a traffic stop. Deputy Pruitt asked for the identity of all the occupants, which they verbally provided.

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    • The driver — Tina Wiegal was cited for defective equipment and no proof of insurance. Officer Jason Bradley with the Clarksville Police Department arrived on the scene to assist and it was determined that the front seat passenger had given Deputy Pruitt a false identification; she was actually Evette Alston of Clarksville age Deputy Brownlow was notified that one of the subjects involved, Tanner Yeager, did have an active Johnson County warrant. At the scene, Deputy Brownlow observed Yeager exit the residents, he refused to follow commands from Deputy Brownlow and was tazed and taken into custody.

      It was determined that Yearger had been involved in an argument with a female at the home that was physical at times. While being transported to the detention center, Yeager repeatedly hit his head against the partition between the front and back seats of the patrol unit and at one point was sprayed with pepper spray to get him under control. Yeager was charged with domestic battery 3rd degree and resisting arrest along with a warrant out of Johnson County. A Paris PD officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle Tuesday when he identified the passenger as having two felony warrants.

      After the passenger was arrested, a search of the driver was conducted given he is on active parole. During the search, the officer located felony paraphernalia and a crystal substance that showed a presumptive positive reaction as methamphetamine. Adam Ihle advised that about 9pm the previous night he had left his Alaskan Husky dog out to use the restroom, about pm he went to let the dog back in and found it at the door of the house bleeding from the head and ear area, it appeared to have been shot.

      He took the dog in and administered medical attention to the dog and then took it to the vet the next morning. Ihle went around the neighborhood asking about the incident but did not locate anyone with information. On June 11th, Clarksville Police Ptl. Roman was patrolling in the area of Country Club when she noticed a black Ford F parked on the side of the road with part of the bed sticking out of on the roadway. The truck was occupied by two male subjects.

      When Ptl. Roman made contact with the occupants she noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The two occupants were questioned about any illegal contraband or other illegal items in the vehicle, both denied having any but when Ptl. Roman asked again after pointing out the smell of marijuana the driver admitted that there was and it was in the console of the vehicle. The two occupants were removed and a search was conducted of the vehicle resulting in the confiscation of a metal grinder with a small amount of marijuana, a glass smoking device with burnt residue, two lighters, two small containers of a brownish jelly substance, a metal spoon and another glass smoking device with a burnt residue.

      The driver , Michael Thompson, was arrested and transported to the JCDC for possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Brent Scott responded to the scene and found 2 adult males and 2 adult females standing in the yard arguing. All 4 claimed to live at the residence where they were at. A Rachel Ann Baxter age 37 of Lamar was arrested for 3rd degree domestic battery and criminal mischief after it was determined that she had hit one of the subjects involved in the argument multiple times leaving some marks on his person.