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You also need to factor in time wasters.

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All in all, unless you are an experienced online seller or have a cracking collection that will fly out the door, this might not be the route for you. After all, second hand vinyl is our life blood. Firstly you can make a counter offer — if we or any other shop want the record we will give you the best price possible to keep it here. Perhaps if the album has never been opened, you can get away with Mint. If, on the other hand, there are a few light scratches on the surface, that might be considered Very Good Plus or Excellent.

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As you start to notice more imperfections—and specifically, as you begin to notice that the imperfections negatively impact the sound or overall play functionality of the record, its wise to drop your grade appropriately. It just likely means that the record has suffered significant wear and tear over the years—scratches, warps, etc—and that will be readily apparent when the stylus hits the record groove and the music starts playing.

A grading of Poor or Fair essentially means that the buyer needs to genuinely expect problems when they play the record. Be it impactful warping, damaged grooves, or records that consistently skip, this grade is relegated to records or album jackets that are in a condition that is below acceptable and, at the end of the day, cannot be salvaged. Now that you understand how to describe your records accurately, the next thing to remember is that you should always take proper pictures of your collection. Ebay also allows you lots of space to write an accurate description of what you have to sell.

On top of that, PayPal will take a bit of your money too.

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Fees can always change, but as of right now, PayPal takes about 2. It may be a small price to pay to get rid of something you no longer want or need. Discogs is an incredible database when it comes to music, but they are known just as much for their extremely popular marketplace. I like to think of the Discogs marketplace as a more thorough and reliable version on eBay. Like eBay, you can create an account on Discogs and sell your record collection online.

Ebay, for example, is a platform for selling everything —you can buy a vinyl record on eBay just as easily as you can buy a toaster or used car. Sellers on Discogs, from my experience, are different.

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Therefore, the marketplace is going to be taken a lot more seriously by buyers and sellers alike. Therefore, while you may not need to take a large array of photos to sell on Discogs because you can list your records individually in your Discogs store anyway , you will definitely need to accurately describe the condition of both the record and album jacket. This can greatly incentivize someone to buy more albums from you in one transaction. Some sellers might set a flat rate of shipping if a buyer purchases 5 or more records.

Another thing you might want to consider is allowing a potential buyer the option of making you an offer instead of buying the album for the list price. A few additional things to note here. Once an offer is made by the buyer, you will have five days to accept. If you end up accepting the offer, it will be converted into an order at the price you accepted. This would particularly be helpful for sellers selling albums that hold quite a bit of value, as one declining an offer outright seems a bit harsh or cold as opposed to a counter offer option, which would allow the window of bargain and reason to remain open for a little longer.

A real pleasure dealing with Rat Records. I wasn't expecting a reply from Tom so soon as it was a tentative enquiry, but he came back in a couple of days with a price for my beloved vinyl collection that I was very happy with. And he came out to pick them up personally! I was expecting to have to lug them there. Fantastic customer service. Delighted to know that new listeners will be enjoying my s LPs!

As soon as I'd put the records up for sale, Tom was in contact, had come to my house and taken them off of my hands for a fair price. Easy business. Good guy. Will use again and have already recommended to others'. Hi Tom. I think you were friendly, knowledgeble and completely transparent and fair in your approach to valuing the collection. You made the whole thing really easy and it was overall a very positive experience.


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I'd certainly recommend Rat Records to anyone I know looking to make a sale. You can certainly quote me on that if you wish! But it was part of the process of letting him go and moving on. The flat has to be cleared soon, it's been 10 months, and we couldn't risk the records being there during the clearance.

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From the initial quick response to initial queries and open and honest discussions on price I felt fairly treated throughout the whole process. You made no secret of the fact that you need to make a profit out of the transaction and that's expected. Your parting words that hopefully someone will buy the records and feel like they have something special meant a lot. That's exactly how I felt when I first purchased a lot of them.

It was initially a big decision to sell but you made it painless. Rat Records offered me the best deal for my whole collection of vinyl knowing that only a small percentage would be in demand. It was nice to have a nostalgic chat with Tom, and return my vinyl so near to its birthplace!

A1 stores -Walworth and my home where it kept my mates and girls entertained! Hi Tom first you where good as your word, punctual considering the Dartford bridge had closed you still came. You have an easy manner and where good to deal with efficient honest and as good as your word.

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I highly recommend you. It was good to meet you last night and a pleasure to sell my record collection to you. I thought you were extremely fair and your offer generous, I can not think why I never sold them before. If I meet anyone else on my travels with a record collection to sell, I will wholeheartedly recommend you and Rat Records. Thanks again.

Tom offers a fast, friendly and fuss-free service from offer through to pick up. I can recommend Rat Records to anyone thinking about off-loading their record collection; it's a great way to clear some space and getting instant cash-in-hand is very nice too. Hi Tom, thanks again for coming to buy the records. I thought you were quick in responding to my email, punctual and professional. And of course you gave me more than I expected for my records. Great communication, very responsive, a rapid transaction as well as a fair price. This is a good place to do business with.

Thoroughly recommended! Hi Tom,Thank you as well. It was a painless and to me interesting process to have someone else going through my records and offering a reasonable deal at the end of it all.