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View all posts by Diane Dias De Fazio. Comments Patron-generated content represents the views and interpretations of the patron, not necessarily those of The New York Public Library. This is an excellent resource for Puerto Ricans who wish to trace the ancestry of their family. Thank you!

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It's so gratifying to get praise from our researchers! Thank you for this wonderful asset to trace our Puertorican genealogy! Definetly I will use it, because it is important for me to know my roots! Please let us know if you have follow up questions.

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You can contact the Division directly at history nypl. And thanks for your compliment! I am a search angel in the U. I am helping a woman born in Caguas, PR.

She lives in MA. I live in OR. Is there anyway I can attend a class online, have access to the online databases you have in NY, or have a contact that can give me advice? Hi Ancestry! I was born the Feb 26, in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

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I m disability deaf person. I m 53 years. Never I saw my real father for 53 years. Please please help find name of my father biology. Hi, Ruben: We are happy to help get you started on your research, though librarians cannot do research for patrons.

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Please send your research questions to history nypl. We look forward to your email. Hope it helps.

I am searching for records for my husband's great-grandmother. She may have been in a mental health facility or a Catholic charity institute in or near Aguadilla, Puerto RIco.

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We can find no records other than what are listed on her children's records and possibly her death certificate. Would anyone have suggestions on how to access records for mental health or Catholic charity records?

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Thank you. As of April , Puerto Rico will change the gender on a birth certificate upon receipt of certification by a professional of the gender identity of the applicant. This policy was established in the case Arroyo v. Rossello , WL D.

4 Ways to Obtain a Puerto Rican Birth Certificate

Skip to main content. Federal IDs and Records:. Puerto Rico Name Change Laws To obtain a legal name change in Puerto Rico, a petitioner must petition any of the twelve regional Courts of First Instance Tribunales de Primera Instancia for a legal name change within the region in which they live. Forms Formulario para cambio de nombre Name change petition.

Puerto Rico vital records office opens

She was overwhelmed, tearing up as she got her birth certificate. She said the document means so much for her future.

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