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Is there any command which will be available on Sun Solaris Netra T server, to get the machine's serial number? The presence of the software-accessible serial number and other service-related information can significantly simplify activities related to system service and asset management. Without SNEEP, only a subset of the Solaris-based hardware platforms have a mechanism to maintain a software-accessible serial number. Among those platforms, there is a wide variety of mechanisms for this, making consistent access to this information difficult.

SNEEP provides one simple and consistent interface to the management of this information on all Solaris hosts, domains, and zones. On most Sun hardware, the serial number is always located on a physical tag somewhere on the machine.

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The Sun System Handbook tells exactly where to find it for all Sun machines. The decimal number reported in the SPARC boot banner as the serial number when the machine is powered on is NOT the true serial number - it is the decimal form of the "host id".

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The host id is ordinarily seen in hexadecimal as the output of the Solaris hostid command. As Yascan stated, prtdiag works well, if you need to obtain this info from the OS and cant get or dont have sneep then I would try the following. As noted by Jeff, sneep is a useful tool to track the serial on older hardware as well as from the OS.


And when in doubt, not only have your property team track it, but also the team in charge of the server maintenance as you'll need it for renewals and opening cases with Oracle. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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