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You can also rely on us to assist you with drafting a separation agreement between you and your spouse to identify the duties and responsibilities each party has. To make an appointment or to learn how our firm can protect you, call us at We serve clients throughout Dauphin County. Jeff is very up front about his experience, results and belief in the success or possible issues with your case. From the time of retainment, Jeff's use of electronic forms of communication keep you up to date to the minute whenever there are developments and progress in your case.

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I am grateful for her insight, her promptness, and her support for me. She has my highest recommendation for her knowledge, analytical skills, and demeanor. I had a false allegation filed against me for a sexual offense that I did not commit. I either took the plea of "Nolo Contendere" or went to jail the day of the trial.

I felt trapped. I had this allegation against me and I was innocent. I met with the Attorney Engle. He took the time to explain the process, understand the facts of my case and provide suggestions like retaining a private investigator. He offered to represent me and quickly moved to withdraw my guilty plea. If this is the case, you will benefit from entering into a separation agreement, which is a document that determines the rights and responsibilities of each spouse during the separation. This agreement is a legally binding document, so both spouses must abide by it.

Separation agreements in PA are very similar to divorce and allow spouses to sort out some issues, such as:. A separation agreement can be drafted quickly and easily if the couple can agree on terms related to child custody and support, the division of property, and alimony. Regardless of if you can both agree to all terms, you should enlist the help of an experienced separation lawyer to help execute the document. A lawyer will ensure you have included all pertinent details and allow for an overall smooth legal process.

A legal separation agreement in Pennsylvania will only work if both spouses are in agreement and both sign the contract. It would not be legally binding if a spouse was coerced into signing. Additionally, both spouses must adhere to all terms and conditions.

If a spouse fails to do so, the other may sue them for breach of contract. There is no doubt that going through a legal separation can stir up a lot of emotions and create havoc in your household. You might also be concerned about the legal processes involved.

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Legal separations vary depending on certain circumstances, and you may not understand the steps that need to be taken. You will need help from a Pittsburgh separation lawyer that realizes how hard these situations can be and who has experience dealing with separation and divorce in Pennsylvania. Attorney Anthony Piccirilli can work to help ensure that you and your spouse reach a separation agreement that protects the things most important to you. Contact today to schedule a free, initial consultation. We will contact you within the hour unless you specify otherwise below if submitted during normal business hours.

Please list any special contact instructions. Please leave this field empty. Legal Separation in Pennsylvania Legally separating from your spouse can be an emotional process that should be handled by a Pittsburgh separation lawyer to ensure your best interests are considered. Types of Separation A trial separation is the mildest form. Separation agreements in PA are very similar to divorce and allow spouses to sort out some issues, such as: Child custody and support.

You should also include a visitation schedule so your child can spend an adequate amount of time with each parent. Marital property. A legal separation agreement can also create a temporary division of marital property. If one spouse leaves the family home, they should include an agreed-upon list of which items are being taken with them.

Finally, those seeking to separate with the help of a legal separation agreement can create an alimony arrangement.

Marriage Separation Agreement

Generally speaking, a spouse that is the primary earner will likely be required to make monthly payments to the spouse with a lower income. Miscellaneous terms. You may be separated, but you still share financial and other obligations.

You can dictate who will pay the bills, cover health insurance, and any other factors within your separation agreement. Requirements for Legal Separation in PA A separation agreement can be drafted quickly and easily if the couple can agree on terms related to child custody and support, the division of property, and alimony. Considering a Legal Separation in Pennsylvania?