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Homestead Registry. Katherine Cole Adoptions. Katherine Cole Registry. Seymour Kurtz's Adoptions. Seymour Kurtz's Registry. Canada Canada. Canada Adoption Laws. Chile Adoption Laws. Costa Rica Adoption Laws. Japan Adoption Laws.

Korea Adoption Laws. Marshall Islands Links. Mexico Adoption Laws. New Zealand Adoption Laws. Peru Adoption Laws. South Africa Links. United Kingdom Links. Search Engine Tester. Loving Memory Of Danna K. An Introduction Of Gary S. Born in Michigan page 1 of 8. Adoptee Birth Date:? Adoptee Birth City:? Adoptee Birth County:? Adoptee Birth State: Michigan or Pennsylvannia? Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name:? Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: White? Adoptee Birth Fathers Name:? Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: White? Adoptee Birth Hospital:? Adoption Agency or Attorney:?

Age of Adoptee when Adopted:? County adoption took place:? State adoption took place: Pennsylvania or Michigan?

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All Other Information: I was wondering if you could help me. My great grandfather was William Smith? He was born in? He became a doctor and moved to Blind River, Ontario, Canada in , got married there in to Marie Argue , became the town's first resident doctor, medical officer and coroner. He died in A family friend told us he was adopted, but after that the trail went cold. His adopted parents were Francis Burd and Mary nee. Brown and I am uncertain where they are from.

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Could you tell me if he was from Pennsylvania? Any way you could help me would be greatly appreciated. State adoption took place: Michigan?

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This is very probably the same Nettie that Walter Frank Blanchard would end up marrying in Last Updated: Adoptee Birth State: Michigan or Illinois? Adoptee Birth Fathers Race:? Age of Adoptee when Adopted: months old? Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents:? City adoption took place:?

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State adoption took place:? Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name:? Adoptive Fathers Name:? Email Address: amandaschaub01 gmail. We have a letter stating that she was in Grand Rapids, Michigan in An that she stayed at our uncles mission. Our aunt stated that she was forced to give up the baby when she was 16 years old.

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That it was a boy an that she named him Stephen, it is unknown whether he was given the name Stephen. We were hoping to find more information about this. Any information would help. We also dont want overwhelm or disrupt adoptees life, an will respect his wishes.

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All Other Information: Birth mother born and was adopted as well. Birth father born German background and was in the Navy. Birth father's eye color blue, wavy brown hair, 6' tall lbs. My height 5'3" tall, blue eyes and blond hair, lbs. Birth father had hay fever. I also have a couple of allergies , average intelligence. Birth mother high normal. I am a member of Mensa. Adoptee Birth Mothers Race:? Father had divorce pending with 3 children of his own, I believe two boys and a girl.

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Heritage was listed as English, Dutch, and French descent. Father played saxaphone, had history of asthma so much for playing the saxaphone. A grandfather on one of the sides died of stomach cancer. I was not released for adoption until six months old, was in foster care until then.

Foster mother made me a cute blue flowered striped dress and matching bonnet. I was nine months old when adoption was finalized in 8-? Suspect that this may be actual birthmother.