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Johnson City. On May 20, , two-year-old dog Bella was presented to Respondent for cystotomy procedure to remove bladder stones.

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Following the surgery, a heating pad was used on Bella. On May 23, , owner noticed oozing spots on Bella's back and presented Bella to Respondent. Respondent's medical records do not contain any description of the oozing spots or discussion of possible causes and recommended treatments on that day.

On May 27, , Bella's back had turned dark and she appeared to be in pain. Owner presented Bella to South Texas Veterinary Specialists in San Antonio, where the veterinarian there concluded that Bella's injuries were consistent with a burn.

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Bella required surgical intervention to treat her injuries. Respondent discarded the heating pad that had been used on Bella, purchases a continuous controlled air heating system, and implemented new protocols. Other — DPS Registration. Failed to obtain the required 17 hours of continuing education during calendar year Respondent was short 9 hours for calendar year Maria Badamo DVM. Respondent stated that she did not obtain all of the requisite hours of continuing education for Respondent surgically removed 12 bladder stones during surgery, but failed to adequately flush out bladder stones during surgery on adult male Schnauzer.

James Bailey DVM. James Baker DVM. Baker passes the Jurisprudence Exam. Responsibility for unlicensed and licensed employees. Allowed employee Angel Gonzales to practice veterinary medicine without a license. Baker, John M.

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John Baker DVM. Ball, Robert L. Robert Ball DVM. Failed to have actual knowledge that an employee veterinarian was currently registered with the Texas DPS before granting veterinarian permission to operate under respondent's Drug Enforcement Agency DEA controlled substance registration. The Colony. Veterinarian Patient Record Keeping. Other — Alternative Therapies.

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Failed to provide a consent form to a client prior to prescribing Chinese herbs; Failed to utilize a consent form that conforms to Board standards. Official Reprimand; Provide copies of revised alternative therapies consent forms to Board within 30 days. Failed to provide intravenous fluids to cat at any time during hospitalization. Reporting of Criminal Activity. A routine criminal history check by Board investigators revealed that on January 19, , Respondent was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and the unlawful carrying of a weapon. Respondent pleaded no contest and completed a deferred adjudication program. Respondent did not report the arrest or charges to the Board. Starkville, MS. Failed to obtain the full 17 hours of continuing education required for calendar years , , Respondent, at the time she renewed her license, reported to the Board that she had obtained all 17 hours of continuing education for each of those years.

Barham, Bobby G. Bobby Barham DVM. Allowed a non-licensed employee to administer rabies injections un supervised. Failed to complete the 17 hours of continuing education CE required for calendar year Respondent had carried over one CE hour from and was 16 hours short for Nichols Hills OK. Through a Board compliance inspection by mail on April 9, , it was discovered that Respondent obtained only 12 of the 17 hours of required continuing education CE for calendar year , although at the time of renewing his license, he reported that he had obtained all 17 hours.

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Did not possess current controlled substance registration from DPS and had administered controlled substances to animals. Barns had gone 19 years without this registration. Controlled Substances Record Keeping. During a compliance inspection, Board investigators noted that there was a physical amount of Ketamine, Beuthanasia, Telazol and Torbugesic at the clinic, but the clinic's controlled substance log did not show that the clinic had any of quantities of drugs on hand.

Unauthorized Treatment. Failed to obtain authorization prior to treating a patient. During a Board compliance inspection on April 24, , it was discovered that Respondent obtained only 3 of the 17 hours of required continuing education CE for calendar year and none for calendar year , although at the time of renewing her license, she reported that she had obtained all 17 hours for those years.

Respondent's registration was terminated due to non-renewal on July 31, Respondent admits to administering and dispensing controlled substances after his registration expired. Provided euthanasia drugs to a nonlicensed employee, who then euthanized two animals without proper supervision. In August , another DVM requested copies of medical records from Respondent for a 2-year-old cat named Zoie who had a persistent bladder infection.

After review of the medical records and three snap tests, it was determined that Zoie had feline leukemia that Respondent neglected to test, including prior to vaccination. Respondent examined Zoie at least three times in Beardsley, Stephanie L. Stephanie Beardsley DVM. Failed to have actual knowledge that employee veterinarian was currently registered with the Texas Dept. Beasley, Kenneth V. Kenneth Beasley DVM. Official Reprimand; 20 hrs CE, 5 in heartworm read. Record Keeping; Standard of Care; Labeling. Diagnosed a dog with Parvo but failed to give an adequate volume of parenteral fluids; Administered an unknown amount of Benzelmin wormer with Vi-Sorbin, orally, an unknown amount of Vitamin B12, Vitamin K and Atropine as well as dispensing Ampicillin capsules but failed too include dosages and details necessary to substantiate a diagnosis; failed to place adequate information on the label of the Ampicillin.

CE; Submit logs semi-annually. Standard of Care; Record Keeping. Administered 0. The dog later died due to an immediate kill of adult heartworms causing them to block the right aorta and arteries, causing congestion in the lung tissue and high blood pressure with death; Failed to maintain adequate patient records. Becker, Michael C. Michael Becker DVM. Failed to properly secure drugs; Failed to maintain proper records for acquisition and disposition of controlled substances.

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Becker, Wendi A. Wendi Becker DVM.

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Could not show proof of continuing education CE for twelve 12 hours during calendar year Duty to Cooperate with Board; Other. Board compliance inspection revealed that Respondent's drug logs for ketamine, fatal plus, and dolorex did not balance with the physical amounts on hand. Beckham, Huey P. Huey Beckham DVM. Controlled substances recordkeeping: Failure to record the date of acquisition, quantity purchased, date the drug was administered or dispensed, the quantity administered or dispensed, name of the client and patient receiving the drugs, and the balance on hand for each controlled substance.

Failure to record required information on client patient record. Failure to supervise an unlicensed person performing veterinary medicine, and allowing an unlicensed person to diagnose the need for and prescribe prescription drugs. Failure to maintain a veterinary-client-patient relationship.

Controlled Substances Registration; Adherence to the Law.