Hawaii loses obama birth certificate

Bill O'Reilly has had it up to here with the "ton of internet propaganda" he gets every day, and last night decided to, once and for all, go over some of the myths that are out there about the Obamas and tell people what is true and what is not. When it comes to the President's academic transcripts, medical records and his list of clients from when we was a lawyer, they have not been released.

Bush released their full medical records and he understands why Obama would not release who he represented because of "the privacy of clients. In regards to President Obama's birth certificate, O'Reilly said that, while it is true that it has not been made public, "the state of Hawaii has once again said Mr.


Trump stated that there are "some countries that are in very bad shape. Early in his presidency, Donald Trump reportedly hung up the phone on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the foreign leader angered him over refugee plans. The bans were immediately protested, and judges initially blocked their implementation.

While his response to the disaster in Houston was generally applauded, the President picked up some flack when he gave a speech outside Houston he reportedly did not visit disaster zones , and praised the size of the crowds there. During that speech, he also threatened to totally annihilate North Korea. Mr Trump was taking the comments out of context, as Mr Khan was simply saying that the police had everything under control. Trump refused to condemn far-right extremists involved in violence at 'the march for the right' protests in Charlottesville, even after the murder of counter protester Heather Heyer.

Donald Trump retweeted a cartoon showing a Trump-branded train running over a person whose body and head were replaced by a CNN avatar. He later deleted the retweet. Donald Trump caught some flack when he tweeted a video showing him wrestling down an individual whose head had been replaced by a CNN avatar. The White House initially said that the decision was made after consultation from the Justice Department. Then Mr Trump himself said that he had decided to fire him in part because he wanted the Russia investigation Mr Comey was conducting to stop. Just three months into his presidency, Donald Trump admitted that being president is harder than he thought it would be.

Though Mr Trump insisted on the campaign trail that doing the job would be easy for him, he admitted in an interview that living in the White House is harder than running a business empire.

Obama produces Hawaiian birth certificate

Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wire tapping him on twitter. The Justice Department later clarified: Mr Obama had not, in fact, done so. Donald Trump was never very happy about losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 2. So, he and White House voter-fraud commissioner Kris Kobach have claimed that anywhere between three and five million people voted illegally during the election.

How to make sense of US presidential election polls

Conveniently, he says that all of those illegal votes went to Ms Clinton. There is no evidence to support that level of widespread voter fraud. But, he really wanted to have had the largest crowd on record. So, he praised it as the biggest crowd ever.

Relatedly, Mr Trump also claimed that it stopped raining in Washington at the moment he was inaugurated. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists.

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White House Releases Obama Birth Certificate

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Hawaii Limits Requests on Obama’s Birth Records

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BILL O'REILLY: President Obama Has A Birth Certificate

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