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Barry had a neat turn of phrase. And they still talk in awe at the Brazen Head pub in Dublin of the time she drank notorious writer and carouser Brendan Behan under the table. The myths that surrounded her were often perpetuated by Barry herself. She may well have had Gypsy blood from a Spanish grandmother, but she grew up in a tenement building in the heart of Cork city in a musical family. All she had was a shilling wooden banjo tied to her back with a piece of string. Ireland in the s was a nation still divided, riven by poverty and the scars of oppression, and the sight of a teenage girl on her own, busking on street corners with a banjo — itself then an unfamiliar instrument in the country — invited all manner of dangers and prejudices.

I just wanted to earn enough to get a roof over my head for the night. She was not averse to giving her tormentors a whack with her banjo if they irked her, and the force of her personality and the richness of her music ultimately won people over. She became a familiar and popular figure at fairs and football matches all over Ireland. She had a child, Nora, fathered by a man called Charlie Power who soon disappeared from her life, and gravitated a mile or so across the Northern Irish border to Crossmaglen, where she lived in a roundtop caravan.

Then, one cold, bright morning in , while she was singing Bold Fenian Men on a street corner in Dundalk, a young American woman stopped to watch her, transfixed. A skinny little lady wearing a worn green coat. She had no teeth. But what a voice! In his hotel room later that day, he recording her singing. Lomax asked how she knew the song. Graduated from Animal Behavior Collage as a certified trainer in March this Private consultation and classes to teach a solid foundation including look,sit, down, stay, leave it, come, wait , place and walking nicely on a leash.

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Basic Dog Sarah Thuot Battlefords Humane Society Michelle Spark We provide C. We offer private and in-home training as well as group classes and puppy playschool. All levels of obedience in group and private, behavioral modification, back yard agility, as well as teaching tricks. I work as a lecturer mainly now. I give over 30 seminars a year. My purpose of training is to change behavior itself but to improving the lives of animals. Training is the one of aspects for providing good animal care. By educating people and provide good information, I help animals and their people get better and healthier in their relationships and behaviors.

Bayside Pet Resort Angela Efinger We offer group classes, private training for both behavior and performance, day training and day school. Be Positive! Family Dog Training Joyce Spinden T dog training Charleen Cordo Private and group classes, behavioral consultations, temperament testing, T-Touch, Reiki practitioner,canine massage practitioner. Beatrix has more than 7 years of experience working in the pet industry in the US.

She was born and raised in Hungary and moved to Greece after graduation to complete her internship. Beatrix relocated in the United States in while working for pet sitting businesses before turning her passion for animals into a career by joining APDT in She has raised two other dogs since, now including her now 2 year old Doxie named Simon. Beatrix is committed to expand her career further by studying canine behavior and training to help other dog parents gain a better understanding of their dogs' behaviors. Beau Bushnell Because Of Lucy Leslie Dodds Becky Harris Bedford K9-Resort Linda Cagan Behavior Inc!

Kimberly Poisson Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, Certified Fear Free programs for puppies thru adult dogs, certified in nutrition, first aid, canine fitness, behavior and bereavement counseling. My dog has C. Trainers We own our 20K s. Bessey's Positive Paws Erin Bessey Positive Reinforcement dog training fun for the whole family!

Margaret Barry: wild Irish woman of the British folk scene

I have worked with dogs since After establishing a strong obedience foundation move on to fine tuning manners and other behaviors in Best Manners. I train only through positive, low stress training techniques replacing bad behaviors with good ones and rewarding those.

I teach you how to read your dog's body language and build a better bond. Positive, LS training methods have been scientifically proven to work best and have the best outcome especially with shy, fearful dogs. Best Dog Ltd. Nora Birt In home evaluations available. Now training career dogs and people to train career dogs. After I retired I started my business in the Animal Behavioral field. I train dogs for Obedience, Working dogs such as Service Dogs, Scent work, Sports and fun training as well as working with dogs who have behavioral issues such as anxiety, aggressive behaviors or fear related issues.

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Best In Behavior Nancy Schumacher Personalized In-Home training using Positive Rewards based training methods to help you train and maintain your dogs behavior. Services include Basic Obedience , Behavior Modification to get rid of unwanted behaviors and Puppy Board and train to get your puppy on a sleeping and bathroom schedule while starting their basic obedience training.

My goal as a trainer is to help you develop a relationship your dog.

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I use positive training methods, foundational skills, and enrichment activities to enhance the human dog bond. I specialize in puppy socialization, shy, hyper, fearful, anxious, and undersocialized dogs. Best Pals Training Leslie Currie Private in-home training, house manners, behavior modification, problem solving. Best Paw Forward Lisa Schmick Best Paw Forward Inc. Lacette Central Florida locations. Offering puppy kindergarten, basic manners and agility classes as well as in-home behavioral consultation and obedience training.

I am available for in home training and in home canine massage. Please see my website for information on puppy packages, day training and more. Beth Mills Instructor for Olean Kennel Club.

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Pet dog training, in-home behavior consultations, obedience and behavior modification. Betsy Schwartz Better Dog World Leslie Dool San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings rehabilitates dogs with behavioral problems and trains people to fully understand and shape dog behavior. Betterdog Canine Behavior Center is an educational center where we educate humans on how to teach and understand their dogs, and where we create possibilities for great human and canine relationships.

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Betty Lanman-Reed Beyond Obedience Jeanie Collins-Duffield Private in home training, group classes, all-inclusive training program, problem solving, behavior modification, and obedience. Fearful, Shy dogs welcomed-Aggressive dogs will be evaluated. Primarily Group classes held at 6 different venues. Obedience and foundation training for companion and sport dogs. Teaching leadership skills with an understanding of animal behavior, genetics and the stages of puppy development.

BJK9s Barbara Johnson In-home private,day-training and behavior modification programs. Family Paw and Parent Education Black Dog k9 offers group and private obedience training at affordable prices. Black Dog Training Rose Eagar In-home manners and behavioral problems that may need more than one approach. Certified Massage Therapist with training in canine accupressure, massage and TTouch. Blancett Reynolds Email.

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Specializing in puppies, puppy proofing, adolescent dogs and relationship balancing. Agility instruction at Ace Dog Sports.

Bloomfield Dog Training Elizabeth Widmer Basic obedience training for dogs of all ages using positive reinforcement and conditioning techiques. BlooMoon Pet Resort L.